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Old 03-February-2009, 18:06
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DefaultBt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I received my BT Home Hub on 12 Jan. The set up was fine and all the lights were solid blue and I was able to use the internet. Over the weekend the broadband light was flashing orange intermittently but according to the instructions this was likely to happen at first so I was not unduly concerned. However, by the Monday, the broadband light was continually flashing orange and would not reset to a solid blue. From 20th January I made frequent calls to the BT call centre and various tests were carried out, I have lost count how many times I was asked to check the connection and press the reset button on the hub. By this time, there was no broadband light on the hub at all. Eventually after the phone line and broadband line had been tested, a call was put out for an engineer to visit. The engineer visited and tested the broadband connection - the results were that the broadband connection was fine and that the Hub must be faulty. I then had to make further calls to the call centre in order to request a new Home Hub. This arrived on the Friday and at first when I set it up the broadband light was flashing orange again. After disconnecting and reconnecting and resetting the hub more times than I can actually remember, the light was a solid blue for a while but still keeps flashing orange for most of the time. Yesterday, the light was blue for about 1 hour in the evening but then was flashing orange again and was still flashing orange this morning.

I have tried calling and emailing but get the same script responses and no real help – I am at my wit’s end – am I alone? Is there anything that can be done?
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Old 24-February-2009, 18:23
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

yes u are, i just get the orange light no blue for me
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Old 26-February-2009, 07:54
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

have you tried replacing back with old bt hub?
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Old 09-May-2009, 09:30
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I attempted to upgrade from HomeHub version 1.5 to version 2 today. Plugged it all in and instantly got five solid blue lights. I waited ... and waited ... and waited. Nothing else happened. No SSID broadcast and no IP addresses assigned to wired devices. Restarted it over and over, pressed the RESET button and even clicked the RESTORE DEFAULTS button - no joy. Grudging reconnected the old HomeHub, which worked. Called BT Help Line - after half an hour of frustration I finally managed to convince the very nice lady that I knew all about IP addresses, DHCP, SSID, WEP, etc. Result = HomeHub version 2 back in its box and banished to garage, version 1.5 gets a stay of execution and (another) new version 2 in the post!! Sound familiar to anyone?
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Old 16-June-2009, 17:34
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

iv jsut had problems with teh homehub 2.0 black one. the broadband light just klept flashing yellow/orange and we made loads of calls to BT, eventrully they sent out a engeneire and sorted the problem which was a fault on the line but now the wireless light is on blue but none of the laptops that i have can connect to this :@
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Old 17-June-2009, 10:45
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

iv jsut had problems with teh homehub 2.0 black one. the broadband light just klept flashing yellow/orange and we made loads of calls to BT, eventrully they sent out a engeneire and sorted the problem which was a fault on the line but now the wireless light is on blue but none of the laptops that i have can connect to this :@
Originally Posted by capper View Post

Don't forget that the hub is encrypted and that you'll need to put the BT passwords into the laptops to get them connected.
If you can keep your head when those around are losing theirs, maybe you just don't understand the situation.........
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Old 09-August-2009, 18:57
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CoolRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I'm not sure if you are aware but there are TWO versions on the BT HomeHub 2.0, ('BT HH' abbreviation used going forwards), Type A & Type B.

The easiests ways to check is to look at the back of you BT HH 2.0 &:-
a) in the bottom left corner of the label, pasted to the centre of the kit, is either "V2.0 Type A" or V2.0 Type B".
b) the 4 Ethernet sockets on the BT HomeHub V2.0 Type A will be Yellow in colour (with no face place) & Type B will have a Silver face plate covering the 4 ethernet ports.

I have been experiencing no end of problems with the BT HH 2.0 Type A, (running Firmware version 8.1.F.5), over the past few months, (since upgrading from a BT HH 1.0 about 4 months ago), & the most annoying 'feature' is the '2,147,480,000 Upstream CRC errors'. (So far the BT HH Type B, using firmware version, which I have been testing for a week now does not appear to have this issue)

The firmware information posted on the BT Support website is as follows:

"The latest, most up-to-date versions of BT Home Hub 2.0 firmware are:
• Software version 8.1.H.G (Type A) (Current Type A model = 8.1.F.5)
• Software version (Type B) (Current Type B model =
There are two versions of the latest Hub 2.0 firmware because of changes in our Hub manufacturing process. Functionality of both firmware versions is identical."

(I can say now that the automatic update of my BT HH firmware to the latest version is a 'dubious' claim, & I have string reservations surrounding this process, as I have left my BT HH on solidly for over a month & the firmware has never upgraded automatically)

I have perservered with BT now for several months, even getting an engineer out to my house to check all of the physical wiring & spending a good deal of time testing several different BT HH's & varying firmware versions, but the key issue seems to boil down to the BT HH 2.0 Type A & it corresponding firmware (irrespective of version in the public domain).

All I can say is that if you need to get a back a bit of stability then you should obtain (from BT, at no additional cost), a BT HH 2.0 Type B (Using firmware version or use a BT HH 1.5 (using firmware version 6.2.6.C)

At the moment, I am still progressing with my investigations with BT technical support (as I asked for my issue to be escalated from my initial contact with the BT Helpdesk), & hopefully I will get to an answer, which I will make available once I have completed my 'journey' ;-)
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Old 29-August-2009, 17:40
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DefaultRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I the same problem they made hundreds of calls to BT and tried everythin SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
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Old 02-October-2010, 14:05
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ExclamationRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I have a 1.0 hub and had issues with strict NAT, spoke to customer services they told me new modem no problem but first we need to put you through to our 'technical department' which is basically a call centre in india with operators reading from a script got told BT COMPANY POLICY IS NOT TO REPLACE YOUR EQUIPMENT UNLESS YOU TAKE OUT ANOTHER 12 MONTH CONTRACT!!!!!! This is not customer service this is coersion, is BT having such a hard time keeping customers ?
For this very reason I am considering leaving them.
They know their equipment causes port forwarding issues, they have a solution but want to hold 'loyal' customers to ransom for it makes no sense.
So as a last ditched attempt to calm myself! I went online and obtained a second hand 2.0 type A modem which arrive this week last, configured it and horray Strict NAT was gone and port forwarding was working but then..................
Three days ago Strict NAT was back on BT have pulled another blinder with this latest firmware upgrade. Does anyone have a solution to this as I am getting close to leaving BT !!!
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Old 21-February-2011, 14:36
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WinkRe: Bt home hub 2.0 do they ever work?!!

I am a retired IT engineer (not BT, but used their kit) and from what many of you you are saying, it appears to be a ADSL signal threshold problem,

As even though the telephone works OK, the digital signal level (or volume) is just on the edge of failure, often known as on the cliff-edge. That's why some modems work OK and others do not, as the signal has fallen off the cliff-edge. In a similar way an analogue signal just fads away, but digital just abruptly stops working, as it cannot lock on and sync.

This is often down to the quality of the old copper, and sometimes even aluminum! wire installed much of it over 60 years ago. On the other hand I have seen Broad-band still working, but the telephone not working because one of the pair of wires has become disconnected.

An analogy of this is, a loudspeaker need two wires to work but a radio signal needs just one wire for an antenna because the ADSL signal in superimposed on the normal telephone speech line then stripped of by the ADSL filter (many of these filters are of dubious quality too)

And finally Ive have often been called in to help out after similar problems with the customer slagging off the ISP and BT etc. only to find a forgotten telephone in a bedroom without a filter fitted! which will effectively kill off the digital signal.

So make sure your brain is engaged before opening your mouth! cheers
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