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Old 19-August-2008, 08:41
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DefaultProblems sertting up Outlook 07 with my TalkTalk email account - HELP!!!!!


This is the first thread I've posted so forgive me i don't explain myself properly!!

I bought a new laptop last week and am trying to set up Outlook with my TalkTalk webmail account. I know i have all the correct settings because i have been to the TalkTalk website to find them and that I have actually set the account up correctly as well but for reason it will recieve emails but will not send them.

The account settings I used are:

Server Information

INCOMING MAIL SERVER:mail.talktalk.net ( I have also tried pop3.talktalk.net)
OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (SMTP):smtp.talktalk.net

Logon Information

PASSWORD: *****(This is the same one I use to login to the AOL Webmsil site and have always used for this account)

The 'Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)' check box is unchecked.

I basically followed the instructions on the TT website for setting up your TT email account with Outlook '07 which you can view at
(Sorry don't know how to host a link yet!!)

I should probably fill you in on a bit of background info before I continue any further. We had been with TalkTalk for 2 or 3 years at least until about 3 or 4 months ago when we cut off the broadband because we don't use our landline for the phone anymore so decide to get a so called "Web-n-Walk" or Mobile Broadband USB modem. It is slower i know but at least i can take it anywhere with me. Anyway, with my old laptop the TT account worked fine with my Outlook - i think it was the '03 version. But as I have just recently had a baby 9 weeks ago, i haven't had anytime to get check my emails for quite a while. Also, the laptop was quite old (in laptop lifetime expectancies - about 3 or 4 years) and was getting to be really slow and it was taking absolutley ages to get Outlook loaded up and dowload my emails. So if i ever did get the time to, i would use the AOL TT Webmail Website and check my emails on there.
Now i have a little time to myself these days i am on the laptop quite regulary and decided to get a new one, because the old one was doing my head in taking so long to do everything. I know i could have taken it to a repairer and got all the crap taken off which would have probably speeded it up but it also kept overheating and switching itself off in the middle of me doing somerthing and it nearly went through the window on several occasions!
Anyway, thats all besides the point. When I got my new computer, i logged on to my TT account using the webmail site and had nearly 2000 unread emails!!! , probably because it either doesn't have a junk mail filter or mine is just deactivated for some silly reason. I didn't want to have to clog up my new laptop with all these unnecessary emails so am going to sort through them and delete all the through the webmail site.

So this morning I decided to try and set up my Outlook and just set it so that it only recieves when i ask it to rather than every 30 mins or whatever the default is. So I opened Outlook and, obviously, it asked for my email account settings and info. I filled in everything as above but when i clicked the 'Test Account Settings' button in the 'User Information' dialouge box it always comes back with this error:

This is under the 'Errors' tab:
Send test e-mail message: Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: 554 smtp.talktalk.net

And this is under the 'Tasks' tab:
Log onto incoming mail server (POP3) Completed
Send test email message Failed

In the end i just clicked on 'Next' (knowing about the error) and a dialouge box saying:

You have succesfully entered all the information required to set up your account.

I then clicked on 'Finish' and the account started to recieve email straight away. I cancelled it after a minute or so when i saw there was still over 1000 to download! I've set it so that it will only send/recieve on my command now and I'm going to delete the on the webmail site before i DL anymore.

Now when I just click on 'Send Only' and ask it to show me the progress, it says 1 out of 2 tasks have been completed successfully but there is nothing under the 'Tasks' or 'Errors' tabs. Then the green progress bar just gets stuck when reaches the end and to exit it, i have to click on 'Cancel All'. Needless to say, it doesn't send the email.

I've looked through loads of threads and i think the problem may be that because we no longer have TT as our ISP, the email addresses have eventually been cancelled - as it was only a few months ago.

The thing is, because i didn't use Outlook on my old laptop for a while before i got this one, i don't know if it stopped working a while ago with outlook or it's just because I'm trying to set it up in this new Outlook. Also my mum is the actual account holder so i don't have the account number or anything.
But just having the TT address work on the webmail site would make you think that the address is still valid?! Or is it just with OutLook and Outlook Express, etc that it would stop working with?

Can someone please help me out and tell me what is going on here? I am not exactly an expert with computers but I do know my way around one - to a certain extent! - but this has me stumped, so any explainations or instructions/help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Please reply or PM me if you would like know more info.

Thanks in advance.

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