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Old 04-January-2007, 16:33
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DefaultTiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

First a warning word - if someone from a company called "Frederickson International Ltd" ever calls you this is the company Tiscali refer debt collection matters to. On the phone, if they ring you, they will not tell you what the call is in regard to until you confirm your home address for "Data Protection Act" purposes. I refused to give them my address as they would not tell me what the call was about or what their company actually did. Anyway after their snotty phonecall I googled their company name, found out who they were ... thought oops better speak to them (nobody wants bad debt written against their name) so I got their general enquiries number and found out what it was all about. Check this story out:

Frederickson International (FI) referred me to my outstanding debt with Tiscali (a whopping £10.45). I had cancelled my Tiscali account in July 2006, and received a payment demand letter from Tiscali for £10.45 in November 2006 (only 4 months after I cancelled - but hey what do you expect). I confirmed with Tiscali's Payment phoneline this would be Tiscali's last payment and my account would be closed with them. I sent a cheque to Tiscali on 11th December 2006 (not a Direct Debit as don't trust Tiscali at all).

On 3rd Jan 2007 I get the call from FI that I have outstanding debt. I explain to FI the situation and they suggest I call Tiscali to find out why they never cashed the cheque (knowing how bad Tiscali customer service is I'm not relishing this prospect). Finally get hold of someone at Tiscali (after the usual hanging on the phone for 40 minutes). He tells me my bank, Barclays, stopped the cheque and anyway cheques take a month to clear and they'd prefer a telephone payment (all sounding fishy yet?). Not exactly believing this story I call Barclays to find out why they stopped my cheque. Now here's the fun part:

Barclays tell me the cheque has only just (like in the last hour, 4th Jan 07) been submitted by Tiscali. It has cleared and the money is in Tiscali's account!!!!

So now I have a nice line in my bank statement showing payment to Tiscali. If either FI or Tiscali take this matter further I am in a strong position to say look at my bank's evidence idiots! Raise a County Court judgement ya b@st@rds I'm ready for ya!!!

I wait to see if I hear anything more, but it yet again proves that talking to anyone at Tiscali solves absolutely nothing as they'll spin you any old lie. A month to clear a cheque? I mean no-one in their right mind believes that one do they?!


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Old 04-January-2007, 21:32
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DefaultRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

If I were you I'd send the debt collectors a letter explaining and a photocopy of the statement showing the debit from your account, just to keep them off your back. You shouldn't have to, I know. How about sending Tiscali an invoice for £10.45 for your expenses in dealing with their incompetence? Are you a member of Which? I bet they could make a good case for you.
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Old 05-January-2007, 14:15
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DefaultRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

Yeah you are right speedster. After a night to cool my hot head down I came to the same conclusion that a letter with a copy of the bank statement to the debt collectors is probably a wise move.

Sending Tiscali an invoice for expenses? Though I admire your attitude, there would be no point really with Tiscali's amazing customer response/service. I am not a member of Which. They charge for the privilege don't they? Anyway I'll send the letter to the debt collectors and leave it at that ... for the moment.
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Old 23-July-2009, 15:12
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DefaultRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

I know this isn't related to Tiscali but it does relate to these clowns at Fredricks International.

Basically I was declared bankrupt 4 years a go and one of the debts wiped out was with Orange who it appears "sold" the debt to some cowboys called Arrow LLC. They in turn seem to have employed these village idiots to come after me. So I got this stroppy girl on the phone at work and I told her I was bankrupt so I faxed a copy of the order from my local county court and that appeared to be an end to it. This was three years a go then two weeks a go I get a message on my answer phone at home saying they want to speak to me - the name by this time didn't ring any bells. So I rang them and then the penny dropped. So I said I couldn't believe they were trying their luck again after so long but I faxed a copy of the court order through again along with details of the people the court appointed to handle what money I had to pay back. I also posted a copy of this to them. Now I got another letter off them this morning. I warned them in the letter I was sick of hearing from them so tomorrow when I ring them I'll offer to see them in court. I can't understand the level of stupidity at this company if I have proven TWICE I don't owe the money and yet they still think I'm going to pay it!
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Old 25-March-2010, 16:03
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DefaultRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

I left Tiscali in Sept 08 (yes, over a year and a half ago). Phone them, paid up and left a forwarding address and telephone number. 6 months I lived at the new address and not a peep. I had the paperwork in case anything went wrong, but nothing.

March 24th - My birthday. I get a text message from Fredrickson International - I Googled them for the reasons mentioned above and thought okay I'll call them. £17 they wanted for some 'unpaid bills'. The guy I spoke to was so numb it must of been hard for him to dress himself. I asked them for the number to call Tiscali, didn't have it. A reference number, nope. The telephone number in question, no idea. Great.

Now the best bit.... Tiscali answer after 30 mins with me being charged 5p per min. Yes they're making a profit out of this... I spoke to a lady who informed me there was nothing she could do, did I want to speak to her supervisor? Yes, indeed I did...

Supervisor apologised. Explained the charges. I explained that they have had a year and a half to speak to me direct, but instead, I get these muppets from FI offering to take me to court! Very sorry sir, he said.... but you must pay us. Can I speak to your manager I asked... no.... not for 72 hours! How many compalint's do you get I asked. A lot he replied. Hmmmm....

What's the name of the manager? I can't tell you Sir it's against policy. Hmmmmm again.

I told him I'd pay and then spread the word. Did he care? Of course not. So here I am, planning to share my story with anybody who want's to look on the internet to see what other peoples experiences of TalkTalk / Tiscali are. £17 lighter now I'm happy to say to anybody that listens that Tiscali (now TalkTalk) have the WORST service I have ever had to deal with. Don't try and complain it's impossible (oh you can write but don't expect them to speak to you on the phone).

Please avoid.

I'm launching a forum dedicated to them soon and a facebook group.... one customer saved from this bunch is a job well done!
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Old 26-March-2010, 08:44
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DefaultRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

Trickscrapi are a shower of s**t
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Old 27-May-2010, 18:21
plump chicken
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AngryRe: Tiscali Debt Collection Agency - Frederickson International

Yes stay well away from talk talk, they are total ? and I hate them, the service is crappy non-existent, there customer service is crap, and they will try to skin a ? if you let them......
they are obvestly to stupid to send me aletter asking for £19.82 for witch I do not owe, but given the fact that its easyer than getting bad creadit aganist you, I thought better pay it! ...

Its interesting to know that if they try this same con on even 100 people, it won`t take them long for them to get rich on other peoples misery (what comes around - goes around ) talk talk - ****dickson Interrical ltd

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