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21-May-2017 18:55
by EatingSnakes Go to last post
259 270,479 ADSL Router Mods
abroad, bbc, broadband, connection, dead, dns, free, google, home, internet, laptop, line, make, mobile, offer, online, phone, player, port, settings, slow, speed, speeds, web, windows, wireless Watching BBC Iplayer Abroad
13-December-2014 11:27
by ab1 Go to last post
26 79,785 General Internet Questions
09-May-2014 20:37
by turnbui Go to last post
1,446 1,310,342 ADSL Router Mods
bt, dns, files, hacking, isp, lock, unlock PsiDOC does it again! The HomeHub 2.0B is officially unlocked!
29-January-2014 22:48
by doobleshaft Go to last post
4 15,944 ADSL Router Mods
connection, dns, talk, talktalk Current DNS Issues?
23-December-2013 17:10
by andrew Go to last post
3 5,650 TalkTalk
11-October-2013 17:08
by HokeyDokey Go to last post
960 821,653 ADSL Router Mods
bbc, dns, feature, free, google, key, laptop, line, make, phone, poll, screen, security, settings, windows Best Linux Disto / Distributions
09-February-2013 10:56
by silver Go to last post
11 7,503 Linux
03-December-2012 14:38
by amzee98 Go to last post
29 60,336 TalkTalk
belkin, broadband, connection, dns, email, google, internet, phone, router, settings, software, tesco, thomson Tesco broadband settings
14-October-2012 05:55
by wpaulgp1 Go to last post
3 8,946 Tesco ADSL Broadband
2wire, bad, broadband, bt2700hgv, cable, computer, dead, dns, feature, files, firmware, flash, free, hgv, home, internet, isp, lights, lock, make, modem, phone, product, router, screen, settings, slow, unlock, web, wireless, zone Unlocking a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G modem
23-March-2012 04:07
by patioheater Go to last post
88 155,388 ADSL Router Mods
dns, forward, google, hub, make, public, share, web, zone PowerDNS Web GUI pdns Front End List
05-February-2012 23:17
by silver Go to last post
13 35,129 General Software
bt, cable, connection, dhcp, dns, forward, home, modem, realtek, router, settings, software, voyager Voyager 220v blues - no connect, Default Gateway blank
03-February-2012 19:09
by unlokia Go to last post
3 8,212 Hardware
dns, google, line, online, settings, talk, talktalk Problem Loading Webpages
24-January-2012 17:12
by TalkTalkSupport Go to last post
1 7,519 TalkTalk
bbc, connection, delay, dhcp, dns, failure, google, internet, lookup, network, public, router, settings, sharing, speed, talk, talk talk, tesco, tiscali, windows, wireless DNS issues
16-January-2012 21:57
by Scoobs Go to last post
1 9,339 Tesco ADSL Broadband
adsl, broadband, bt, bt home hub, dns, firmware, home, home hub, hub, isp, line, modem, port, product, router, settings, talk, web 2 Attachment(s) Bt Home Hub Version 3
19-October-2011 13:05
by emsef Go to last post
5 13,027 ADSL Router Mods
dns, google, home, isp, netgear, router, speed, speedtouch, thomson Connectivity To DNS server Failed?
17-October-2011 09:14
by joe2cool Go to last post
4 11,224 Broadband Internet Access
2wire, cable, computer, dns, firmware, internet, isp, line, make, modem, network, router, screen, settings, slow, speed, web, wireless Unlocking a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G modem - Why?
19-September-2011 02:05
by N1755L Go to last post
1 10,736 ADSL Router Mods
adsl, cable, christmas, computer, connection, dns, failure, internet, ipod, key, laptop, line, make, network, offer, online, orange, router, security, settings, wireless, xbox, xmas Orange Livebox vs Xbox 360 - IP Address Failed !!!!!
19-August-2011 13:06
by ATurtelHead Go to last post
25 55,003 Orange / Wanadoo / Freeserve
abroad, audio, broadband, bt, chips, connection, dhcp, dns, email, files, firmware, flash, google, happy, internet, key, lost, mail, make, network, nokia, offer, phone, router, settings, sipgate, software, talk, videophone hacks, voip, what are tags for, windows 6 Attachment(s) How to change BT Videophone1000 setting to work on my own PBX ?
16-March-2011 22:52
by MogMorris Go to last post
145 47,049 Hardware
bad, broadband, bt, cash, collection, company, computer, dns, email, happy, internet, isp, key, line, lost, mail, mobile, ofcom, offer, online, opt out, phone, registration, router, screen, settings, slow, speed, tiscali Tiscali customer service - you are joking?
29-January-2011 11:56
by azim1980 Go to last post
67 55,428 Tiscali
adsl, aol, bad, belkin, broadband, computer, connection, dns, email, free, home, internet, isp, laptop, line, make, netgear, online, phone, router, slow, speed, talk, talk talk, talktalk, wireless Wireless on TalkTalk
10-January-2011 12:43
by Alphabetex Go to last post
16 43,443 TalkTalk
broadband, bt, bt home hub, cable, car, compare, computer, dns, firmware, flash, free, free broadband, home, home hub, hub, internet, laptop, lights, line, modem, music, netgear, offer, online, phone, router, settings, sky, slow, software, speedlink, speeds, windows, wireless BT Home Hub doesn't work
07-January-2011 01:49
by andy goodson Go to last post
51 90,145 Broadband Internet Access
computer, dhcp, dns, google, internet, isp, laptop, line, modem, network, phone, port, public, router, sound, windows, wireless Can't connect using separate DSL Modem (DLINK 320B) and Router (Linksys WRT-54GC)
06-January-2011 08:24
by luisrosal Go to last post
5 7,444 Broadband Internet Access
broadband, dns, firmware, laptop, mobile, netgear, router, talk, talktalk, tesco, thomson, web, wireless Tesco Broadband and iPhone WIFI probs
04-December-2010 17:54
by Joben2009 Go to last post
2 10,219 Tesco ADSL Broadband
adsl, aol, bt, cable, dns, isp, line, lost, master socket, phone, router, speed, speeds, tiscali, wireless pipex what a swindle!!!
15-November-2010 13:01
by ArtjhurT Go to last post
2 7,574 Broadband Internet Access
blocking, cable, connection, dns, home, internet, laptop, network, port, router, screen, settings, web, wireless Connection OK - Cannot Display Webpage?
24-October-2010 17:17
by JohnnyReb51 Go to last post
3 3,599 General Software
blacklist, blocking, deals, dns, email, free, home, laptop, lookup, mail, make, network, smtp stop qmail from accepting email to non-existent users
24-October-2010 11:38
by silver Go to last post
2 7,978 Linux
adsl, bad, broadband, comet, dg834g, dns, email, failure, firmware, free, happy, hotmail, internet, law, line, mail, make, messenger, modem, netgear, network, online, phone, router, security, settings, software, speed, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tools TalkTalk Server Issues
11-October-2010 14:33
by pegasus Go to last post
38 36,874 TalkTalk
bad, blocking, broadband, bt, cable, connection, dns, happy, internet, isp, line, lost, make, mobile, netgear, network, online, phone, product, router, settings, sharing, sky, speed, speeds, tesco, web, windows, wireless, zero Sky Broadband
14-August-2010 10:36
by Twinkle Go to last post
28 14,036 Broadband Internet Access
btconnect.com, company, connection, dns, email, lost, mail, phone, security, smarthost, smtp Unable to send mail via smtp.btconnect.com using Exchange on SBS 2003 - RESOLVED
12-August-2010 21:09
by ritchiehicks Go to last post
0 7,737 Broadband Internet Access
belkin, computer, connection, dns, forward, google, home, internet, isp, line, make, messenger, modem, network, online, port, router, settings, tools, windows, wireless, zero Wireless prob - default gateway offline
21-July-2010 08:38
by JohnnyReb51 Go to last post
12 34,773 Networking
adsl, blocking, cable, connection, dns, email, firmware, forward, free, google, home, internet, isp, messenger, modem, netgear, network, port, router, screen, slow, virgin, web, web hosting, wireless virgin: port blocking / home web hosting
20-June-2010 19:16
by silver Go to last post
9 20,820 Virgin Media
2wire, bt, dns, firmware, hgv, hub, lookup, netgear, network, qos, router, wireless, zone setting time on a BT 2Wire 2700HGV
06-June-2010 12:36
by diyhouse Go to last post
5 5,442 Hardware
adsl, belkin, broadband, connection, dns, firmware, internet, isp, laptop, line, make, modem, router, settings, slow, web, wireless Problem with connection dropout on Belkin modem.
28-May-2010 19:09
by jasontee43 Go to last post
5 25,697 Networking
aol, blocking, bt, connection, dg834g, dns, fraud, internet, line, netgear, phone, police, router, software, speed, van Aol and traffic shaping?
18-May-2010 19:16
by boybiffa Go to last post
0 7,706 AOL
adsl, belkin, bt, bt home hub, cable, connection, delay, dg834g, dhcp, dns, files, firmware, forward, home, home hub, hub, internet, lag, make, modem, nat, netgear, network, port, router, security, settings, share, slow, wireless, xbox Netgear DG834G & BT Home Hub for Xbox Live?
01-May-2010 17:48
by Dominor Go to last post
27 60,595 Networking
broadband, bt, connection, design, dns, free, internet, isp, line, lost, network, online, product, speed, speeds, tools, virgin, web 2 Attachment(s) Virgin Media the UK's Fastest ISP
30-April-2010 23:07
by jacktar Go to last post
11 12,645 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, broadband, cable, computer, connection, dns, free, google, internet, isp, line, modem, netgear, network, online, phone, router, security, settings, talk, talktalk, wireless NetGear Wireless - N Router and TalkTalk, HELP!
16-April-2010 13:10
by jacktar Go to last post
4 7,876 TalkTalk
adsl, computer, dhcp, dmz static, dns, email, files, forward, free, gears, google, home, internet, ipaddress, line, lost, modem, netgear, network, port, public, router, screen, security, settings, sharing, software, talk, talktalk, web, xbox, zone Staic IP, Port Forward, DMZ
03-April-2010 09:43
by jud1255 Go to last post
4 12,857 TalkTalk
bad, broadband, cable, company, connection, dns, edeh, email, hijacking, line, lost, network, online, opt out, phone, router, settings, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, tiscali broadband, tiscali complaints, wireless Opting out of "Enhanced" DNS
29-March-2010 20:41
by CanineKiller Go to last post
3 6,857 TalkTalk

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