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21-May-2017 18:55
by EatingSnakes Go to last post
259 259,839 ADSL Router Mods
123, adsl, bad, beauty, broadband, compare, computer, compy, email, google, happy, health, internet, isp, law, make, music, network, phone, public, sharing, shop, shopping, slow, speed, talk, tiscali Sticky Thread Sticky: Let me introduce myself,,,, (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Last Page)
27-October-2015 13:35
by screamteamtony Go to last post
754 168,181 General Chatty Stuff
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, cable, coast, company, email, free, happy, internet, line, master socket, network, ofcom, offer, opinion, phone, product, sky, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, virgin, web Very, very slow broadband on TalkTalk
04-April-2015 12:42
by RacerBoy Go to last post
21 41,255 TalkTalk
adsl, broadband, cable, home, isp, make, talk, talk talk, talktalk Steps To Take When Moving House And Switching ISPs
25-October-2014 20:50
by Worldlife Go to last post
1 5,981 Broadband Internet Access
12-August-2014 19:19
by andy_from_ireland Go to last post
0 6,654 ADSL Router Mods
22-July-2014 06:40
by abdulqadar Go to last post
59 70,834 ADSL Router Mods
adsl, aol, broadband, bt, files, free, hotmail, internet, isp, line, mail, make, modem, offer, router, settings, share, software, speed, speeds, virus, zoom freeserve & zoom problems
17-July-2014 15:05
by John benett Go to last post
7 7,587 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, adsl2, belkin, broadband, bt, bt home hub, cable, dhcp, dns, files, firmware, home, home hub, hub, internet, isp, key, laptop, lock, make, netgear, network, product, router, settings, sipgate, speed, speedtouch, speedtouch 7g, tiscali, voip, web, windows, wireless 10 Attachment(s) Unlocking BT Home Hub V1 *Upgrade at your own risk* (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Last Page)
09-May-2014 20:37
by turnbui Go to last post
1,446 1,290,910 ADSL Router Mods
adsl, broadband, cable, company, dg834g, dhcp, failure, feature, firmware, isp, line, manufacturer, mobile, modem, nat, netgear, network, online, reviews, router, software, speeds, wireless Shareband introduce Bonding ADSL Lines at IP Level
14-April-2014 13:48
by Howard341 Go to last post
4 15,286 News
adsl, broadband, cable, company, connection, email, failure, fake, files, firmware, internet, isp, line, make, netgear, network, online, player, qos, reviews, router, speed, speeds, voip, web Bonded ADSL
14-April-2014 13:47
by Howard341 Go to last post
25 24,011 Networking
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, cable, car, company, digital, home, internet, line, make, modem, network, online, public, slow, speed, speeds General Public See More Need for High Speed Internet than Conventional Infrastructure
02-January-2014 21:45
by andrew Go to last post
5 31,653 News
adapter, adsl, company, design, forward, laptop, port, product, screen FINsix Set to Reduce Size and Weight of Power Adaptors With Other Advantages
31-December-2013 13:01
by Worldlife Go to last post
1 13,900 Hardware
adsl, adsl2, aol, bad, belkin, broadband, christmas, compare, connection, free, internet, lights, line, online, router, slow, speed, speeds, speedtouch, talktalk, xmas AOL 'Up to 24Mbps Speed Broadband Boost'
30-December-2013 04:02
by cgreen Go to last post
2 9,020 News
123, adsl, adsl2, cable, connection, failure, free, isp, line, master socket, publish, router, sound, speed Dropping router Help me!!!
16-December-2013 17:51
by andrew Go to last post
2 7,296 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, calls, christmas, company, computer, connection, email, forward, free, google, happiness, happy, health, internet, line, lost, make, mobile, port, social media, talk, talk talk, tiscali, web, xmas 1 Attachment(s) The SCREAM is NOT closing! (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)
09-December-2013 17:11
by Scoobs Go to last post
61 22,926 News
adsl, adsl2, broadband, cable, computer, connection, firmware, free, internet, line, mail, modem, netgear, network, offer, phone, router, settings, sharing, sky, speed, tesco, wireless Tesco BB on TP-Link TD-W8970
11-November-2013 12:14
by RBamford Go to last post
11 15,576 Tesco ADSL Broadband
adsl, belkin, broadband, connection, internet, isp, line, master socket, phone, router, security, sky, speed, speeds, speedtouch, tesco Tesco Finest Broadband Performance
19-June-2013 08:01
by brianthesnail Go to last post
3 11,079 Tesco ADSL Broadband
123, adsl, adsl2, bad, bbc, broadband, connection, home, isp, key, line, network, offer, phone, product, router, settings, sky, sound, speed, web Sky Buys O2 & Be Unlimited
tommy t
28-May-2013 22:47
by silver Go to last post
13 15,893 News
adsl, broadband, bt, company, dvd, home, internet, line, lost, mail, network, phone, player, public, sky, slow, speed, speeds, vision, wireless Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users
10-March-2013 17:53
by Stalybridgelass Go to last post
4 11,852 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, adsl2, bbc, broadband, bt, cable, company, connection, google, handset, happy, home, internet, isp, line, make, master socket, netgear, network, online, orange, phone, router, settings, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, virgin, windows Slow TalkTalk Speeds :(
27-December-2012 18:03
by gem Go to last post
25 32,149 TalkTalk
adsl, adsl2, blacklist, broadband, cards, connection, design, home, isp, laptop, line, make, modem, netgear, product, router, software, speed, speedtouch, web, wireless ADVICE : ADSL modem for long line
07-December-2012 10:12
by Azzaka Go to last post
5 12,574 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, bundled, cable, home, home hub, hub, key, lights, line, lock, make, music, network, phone, reviews, router, settings, sms, speeds, tesco, windows, wireless New tesco broadband .. first impressions
26-September-2012 15:37
by brianthesnail Go to last post
0 9,220 Tesco ADSL Broadband
adsl, audio, bad, bt, cable, cards, internet, make, master socket, modem, network, phone, router, tesco, thomson, wireless audio disaster tesco bb
19-September-2012 09:34
by centaur Go to last post
1 7,528 Tesco ADSL Broadband
adsl, car, cards, connection, dg834g, firmware, internet, line, make, netgear, network, offer, router, security, software, windows, wireless, zonealarm nIDEvent 6 exception!
03-September-2012 16:00
by RISU Go to last post
12 19,020 Networking
adsl, bbc, cable, home, internet, lost, mail, mobile, offer, phone, speed, speeds, wireless America abandoning DSL in favour of faster cable
11-June-2012 20:31
by magneto10 Go to last post
2 11,768 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, bt, connection, email, hub, internet, netgear internet connection
07-January-2012 17:18
by Scoobs Go to last post
3 7,333 Broadband Internet Access
abuse, adsl, aol, broadband, bt, company, connection, deals, email, facebook, free, google, happy, internet, isp, laptop, line, mobile, modem, network, ofcom, online, port, product, router, sky, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, web AOL customers + speed problems (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)
27-October-2011 12:19
by trowieizda1 Go to last post
210 110,351 AOL
adsl, aol, bad, broadband, bt, company, isp, line, router, speed, speeds am i capped
27-October-2011 12:14
by trowieizda1 Go to last post
20 10,031 AOL
adsl, broadband, bt, bt home hub, dns, firmware, home, home hub, hub, isp, line, modem, port, product, router, settings, talk, web 2 Attachment(s) Bt Home Hub Version 3
19-October-2011 13:05
by emsef Go to last post
5 12,702 ADSL Router Mods
adsl, aol, belkin, cable, connection, free, google, happy, internet, ipod, key, laptop, line, make, modem, offer, online, phone, port, router, share, sharing, slow, software, speed, wireless Turning AOL ADSL into wireless...
16-October-2011 19:24
by martswain Go to last post
5 9,344 AOL
adsl, broadband, bt, connection, delay, isp, line, lost, master socket, phone, router, slow, speed, speedtester, tools Sticky Thread Sticky: ADSL Max BRAS speed profile check
29-September-2011 17:50
by sam101 Go to last post
16 50,387 Broadband Internet Access
123, adsl, broadband, bt, company, connection, dead, deals, email, free, internet, isp, line, make, marker, music, ofcom, phone, product, public, sky, sound, tags, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, tiscali broadband, web Cannot get the Tiscali tag removed from my phone line
29-September-2011 09:31
by silver Go to last post
14 17,207 Tiscali
adsl, bbc, broadband, cancellation, cash, company, connection, credit, ofcom, talk, talktalk, tiscali TalkTalk and Tiscali UK fined £3m by Ofcom
21-August-2011 20:36
by silver Go to last post
3 9,001 TalkTalk
adsl, cable, christmas, computer, connection, dns, failure, internet, ipod, key, laptop, line, make, network, offer, online, orange, router, security, settings, wireless, xbox, xmas Orange Livebox vs Xbox 360 - IP Address Failed !!!!!
19-August-2011 13:06
by ATurtelHead Go to last post
25 54,569 Orange / Wanadoo / Freeserve
2wire, adsl, bt, router 1 Attachment(s) 2WIRE 1801HG logs - what is amiss here?
25-July-2011 14:30
by unlokia Go to last post
0 6,670 Broadband Internet Access
2wire, adsl, broadband, bt, home, line, lost, modem, netgear, router, settings bt 2wire on o2?
11-May-2011 15:23
by patioheater Go to last post
11 10,807 ADSL Router Mods
adsl, broadband, bt, connection, firmware, line, master socket, netgear, orange, router, router problem, slow, speed Slowly decreasing Noise margin
06-May-2011 21:23
by fishguy09 Go to last post
5 12,518 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, bt, bt business hub, firmware, hgv, hub, lights, mobile, port 1 Attachment(s) New Bt Business Hub 2701HGV
30-April-2011 10:37
by patioheater Go to last post
7 11,017 ADSL Router Mods
Thumbs up
adsl, bad, company, computer, connection, delay, email, feature, files, forward, home, intel, internet, line, lost, make, modem, music, oap, opinion, phone, screen, settings, slow, software, speeding, speeds, web, windows, zero, zone Use Your PC To Help Cure Cancer (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Last Page)
28-April-2011 11:22
by silver Go to last post
523 89,249 General Chatty Stuff
adsl, bad, broadband, internet, line, phone, router, slow, sound, speed, speeds, talk, talktalk Internet disconnecting and slow speeds!
19-April-2011 08:34
by jamesyp88 Go to last post
5 5,331 Broadband Internet Access

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