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files, lag, make, slow, speed 14kbs downloads, but normal up/download test, 5mbs
02-February-2013 12:07
by gdemonax Go to last post
0 6,225 Broadband Internet Access
internet, lag, speed Browsers?
03-August-2012 10:26
by silver Go to last post
7 4,006 General Software
lag, player, software, sound Modern Warfare 2
25-June-2012 06:36
by Michel2012 Go to last post
6 6,310 Games
dead, lag, laptop, phone, windows Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June
16-May-2012 21:45
by Behemoth Go to last post
2 5,669 General Software
419, adsl, birthday, broadband, computer, connection, dg834g, email, free, google, home, lag, line, make, modem, netgear, network, online, phone, product, reviews, router, speed, speeds, tiscali, tiscali broadband, wireless, xbox need a wireless router for the xbox 360 which works with tiscali
01-October-2010 16:16
by savage22 Go to last post
25 26,868 Tiscali
08-September-2010 23:32
by Chaoslava Go to last post
2 13,070 ADSL Router Mods
aol, bad, broadband, cable, company, computer, connection, free, free broadband, internet, isp, lag, lights, line, lost, make, master socket, modem, orange, phone, router, share, speed, speedtouch, talk, talk talk, talktalk, virgin, wireless Talktalk probs with disconnecting constantly
30-June-2010 08:14
by vb303 Go to last post
41 32,060 TalkTalk
adsl, belkin, bt, bt home hub, cable, connection, delay, dg834g, dhcp, dns, files, firmware, forward, home, home hub, hub, internet, lag, make, modem, nat, netgear, network, port, router, security, settings, share, slow, wireless, xbox Netgear DG834G & BT Home Hub for Xbox Live?
01-May-2010 17:48
by Dominor Go to last post
27 59,892 Networking
adsl, adsl2, aol, broadband, bt, company, delay, home, internet, isp, lag, line, network, online, opinion, phone, product, rates, router, settings, share, slow, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk AOL UK interleave to fastpath
06-March-2010 16:55
by tommy t Go to last post
9 6,856 AOL
belkin, cable, connection, delay, dg834g, home, internet, lag, netgear, router, settings, speed, web, wireless, xbox Connecting to XBox Live via Netgear DG834G v2
03-February-2010 16:11
by Memfis Go to last post
6 14,751 Networking
2wire, adsl, belkin, broadband, bt, bundled, cable, computer, connection, dhcp, dns, free, home, internet, isp, key, lag, laptop, make, modem, netgear, network, router, security, settings, share, sharing, slow, tiscali, tiscali broadband, web, wireless, xbox Wireless Router - Tiscali
18-December-2009 15:30
by Austin_KW Go to last post
18 32,561 Networking
adsl, connection, internet, ipod, lag, laptop, make, netgear, phone, router, wireless help with connecting netgear routers together...
14-December-2009 20:54
by silver Go to last post
1 5,694 Networking
adsl, aol, blocking, broadband, cable, computer, connection, flash, internet, isp, lag, laptop, line, lock, modem, network, online, router, security, settings, software, speed, talk, talktalk, unlock Disconnecting from World of Warcraft
12-December-2009 21:16
by logan Go to last post
26 20,717 TalkTalk
bbc, cable, computer, lag, line, modem, network, new computer, online, phone, virus Lag Spikes!!! Help
25-November-2009 20:49
by woody_1888 Go to last post
0 3,647 Virgin Media
adsl, bad, bbc, connection, files, forward, gears, home, internet, lag, modem, nat, netgear, router, settings, web, wireless, xbox, zoom Gears of war 2 Xbox Live Extreme Lag
03-August-2009 16:46
by tommy t Go to last post
6 5,229 Broadband Internet Access
broadband, bt, christmas, connection, isp, lag, laptop, line, network, online, product, router, sky, slow, speed, speeds Plusnet narrowband (sorry that should be broadband!)
05-May-2009 22:43
by Afterburn Go to last post
8 5,698 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, adsl2, bt, connection, flash, hack, lag, master socket, modem, nat, router, settings, wireless, xbox recommended wireless reuter for xbox live and 1 pc newbie needs HELP!
09-March-2009 07:56
by darkraven3333 Go to last post
3 6,899 Networking
broadband, bt, cable, company, computer, email, free, internet, lag, line, make, network, online, phone, speed, talk, tiscali, tiscali broadband, wireless OMG, why oh why did we sign up for Tiscali?
22-December-2008 15:16
by Beaker46 Go to last post
5 4,219 Tiscali
bad, car, computer, connection, files, flash, free, google, internet, lag, laptop, lost, make, offer, settings, slow, software, speed, tools, windows 1 Attachment(s) Question?
06-November-2008 11:34
by Twinkle Go to last post
28 4,077 Hardware
adsl, broadband, bt, cable, digital, home, internet, key, lag, line, mail, network, ofcom, sharing, speeds, wireless Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all
08-September-2008 20:53
by silver Go to last post
1 3,573 News
feature, files, hdd, hdtv, lag, laptop, network, player, rates, router, screen, sofa, software, speed, web, wireless 1080p Playback on pc connected to hdtv
22-August-2008 01:58
by MAN WHO Go to last post
13 8,237 General Software
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, cancellation, connection, free, internet, isp, key, lag, law, line, make, modem, netgear, ofcom, phone, reviews, router, slow, speed, speeds, tiscali, web Cancelling new tiscali account
28-July-2008 04:47
by tommy t Go to last post
8 4,401 Tiscali
aol, bad, bbc, blocking, cable, collection, compare, connection, free, internet, isp, lag, line, online, router, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, web Online Game Problems
17-June-2008 21:59
by tommy t Go to last post
6 4,397 AOL
broadband, bt, bt home hub, connection, home, home hub, hub, lag, laptop, make, network Gaming lag problem
07-May-2008 13:02
by michty_me Go to last post
1 2,381 Broadband Internet Access
bt, connection, lag, router, slow, speeds, talk, tiscali Any1 else v slow speeds lately? (8mb)
31-March-2008 13:14
by tommy t Go to last post
3 3,041 Tiscali
adsl, adsl2, aol, bad, broadband, bt, cancellation, connection, deals, email, free, google, home, internet, isp, lag, line, make, mobile, network, ofcom, online, orange, phone, slow, software, speed, speeds, talk, talktalk, tiscali help!...please recomend me a new ISP!!!
20-March-2008 13:15
by Olozzj Go to last post
16 3,248 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, broadband, cable, connection, dhcp, internet, lag, modem, netgear, port, router, settings, sharing, tiscali, xbox Poll: Tiscali and Xbox live
16-March-2008 17:30
by Scraggsy Go to last post
8 12,018 Tiscali
bad, broadband, bt, company, computer, connection, dns, failure, forward, free, internet, lag, law, line, modem, network, ofcom, online, phone, rates, slow, speed, speeds, speedtouch, tiscali, virus, web Tiscali speed problems
26-February-2008 17:14
by tommyt Go to last post
18 8,802 Tiscali
broadband, cable, chk, coast, credit, email, files, handsets, internet, lag, laptop, mobile, modem, network, pda, speed, speeds, windows, wireless wireless pc card or satellite internet?
25-October-2007 12:30
by jwewing23 Go to last post
2 3,966 Broadband Internet Access
free, lag, player, sky, speed, virus Premiership Football on PC
23-October-2007 12:33
by redvet Go to last post
3 1,792 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, aol, broadband, computer, connection, international, internet, lag, line, make, modem, netgear, phone, router, slow, sound, speed, talk, talktalk, webspace, wireless, xbox I have terriable lag for ages at a time, WHY ?
21-October-2007 18:52
by druid Go to last post
13 3,061 AOL
bargin, birthday, christmas, computer, digital, flash, gifts, happy, lag, laptop, player, reviews, shop, zoom Digital Camera advice
15-October-2007 16:24
by puggsley1980 Go to last post
6 3,144 General Chatty Stuff
bad, digital, flash, lag, make, sky, software 3 from yesterday (18 July)
24-July-2007 11:10
by canta Go to last post
17 3,277 Photo Phorum
belkin, cable, connection, delay, dhcp, dns, internet, isp, lag, line, make, modem, network, online, phone, port, public, qos, registration, router, settings, speed, talk, tools, voip, web, windows, wireless, xbox Xbox Live! Loses Connection
23-July-2007 06:32
by everton66 Go to last post
21 8,238 Virgin Media
broadband, bt, lag, talk, talktalk TalkTalk upgrade went fine
05-July-2007 10:21
by Killiank Go to last post
0 1,808 TalkTalk
belkin, broadband, cable, firmware, forward, google, home, hub, internet, lag, laptop, line, modem, network, online, phone, port, product, router, router problem, screen, share, slow, speed, wireless, xbox Cable Broadband - Second Point
28-June-2007 22:01
by silver Go to last post
28 5,025 Virgin Media
aol, lag, line, modem, online, phone Aol,Nice deal.
03-June-2007 16:44
by The Zipster Go to last post
3 3,458 AOL
adsl, aol, broadband, bt, car, connection, email, internet, isp, key, lag, line, network, offer, online, phone, rates, sharing, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, virgin, windows aol are capping speeds
03-June-2007 16:38
by The Zipster Go to last post
11 8,991 AOL
bbc, christmas, connection, files, google, lag, tiscali Tiscali - Worst lag i have ever seen in my life
05-January-2007 07:12
by Cold-Phoenix Go to last post
0 3,477 Tiscali
feature, forward, google, lag, make, network, port, router, settings, zyxel Prioritising Traffic on a ZyXEL P660H-61
20-December-2006 04:26
by BLaZeDRas Go to last post
5 3,310 Hardware

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