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access, bad, broadband, compare, computer, cool, customer, dead, email, free, home, i5 processor, laptop, mobile, music, product, screen, share, slow, software, support, web, windows Is 2014 the Year that the Desktop PC Will Die?
14-September-2016 10:27
by asthasingh21 Go to last post
15 22,112 News
computer, connection, free, laptop, screen, settings, slow, software, virus, volume AVG 8 (free) Update
07-June-2016 09:42
by WilliamPerez Go to last post
19 37,355 PC Security
birthday, flash, happy, health, home, slow All pooped out from holiday & surprise birthday do!!
06-November-2015 18:44
by jenonnet Go to last post
4 4,853 General Chatty Stuff
123, 88066, birthday, cancellation, car, dead, email, forward, free, happiness, happy, health, key, line, lost, make, mobile, offer, online, phone, public, sharing, slow, talk, web Triple/quadruple heart bypass advice
28-October-2015 11:37
by screamteamtony Go to last post
159 84,868 Expostulation Plaza
123, adsl, bad, beauty, broadband, compare, computer, compy, email, google, happy, health, internet, isp, law, make, music, network, phone, public, sharing, shop, shopping, slow, speed, talk, tiscali Sticky Thread Sticky: Let me introduce myself,,,,
27-October-2015 13:35
by screamteamtony Go to last post
754 167,966 General Chatty Stuff
bbc, cards, free, happy, law, live, network, recovery, slow, speedy, talk We are now legally 'Married'
27-April-2015 19:42
by jenonnet Go to last post
15 5,246 General Chatty Stuff
bad, car, home, live, make, public, slow I came across this and thought of The Scream!
05-April-2015 11:34
by jenonnet Go to last post
2 3,961 General Chatty Stuff
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, cable, coast, company, email, free, happy, internet, line, master socket, network, ofcom, offer, opinion, phone, product, sky, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, virgin, web Very, very slow broadband on TalkTalk
04-April-2015 12:42
by RacerBoy Go to last post
21 41,221 TalkTalk
bad, broadband, calls, cancellation, company, credit, free, happy, home, line, mobile, network, ofcom, phone, registration, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali Talktalk nightmare
21-February-2015 00:26
by Rob Go to last post
13 13,487 TalkTalk
abroad, bbc, broadband, connection, dead, dns, free, google, home, internet, laptop, line, make, mobile, offer, online, phone, player, port, settings, slow, speed, speeds, web, windows, wireless Watching BBC Iplayer Abroad
13-December-2014 11:27
by ab1 Go to last post
26 79,233 General Internet Questions
birthday, car, collection, company, connection, cool, credit, fake, files, internet, laptop, law, make, music, online, phone, reviews, screen, share, shop, slow, social media, software, talk, wi-fi Not a lot going on these days... Helloooooooo!!!
10-December-2014 10:11
by Phillida Sudworth Go to last post
30 9,088 General Chatty Stuff
22-July-2014 06:40
by abdulqadar Go to last post
59 70,741 ADSL Router Mods
419, bad, car, christmas, files, happy, home, law, screen, slow, virus Happy First Day of Spring
16-April-2014 22:09
by Worldlife Go to last post
20 7,810 General Chatty Stuff
adapter, bbc, car, computer, dead, files, forward, free, happy, home, internet, line, network, online, slow, windows Do You Remember the First Time You Used a Computer or the Internet?
01-March-2014 13:03
by Behemoth Go to last post
16 7,776 General Chatty Stuff
Thumbs up
broadband, bt, cable, connection, credit, fake, file sharing, files, free, google, internet, isp, key, line, make, modem, nat, netgear, network, phone, public, router, screen, share, sharing, slow, software, speed, speeds, web 1 Attachment(s) Sticky Thread Sticky: Emule tweak + tips guide / how to speed up emule ed2k network client
16-February-2014 17:12
by afpe45 Go to last post
132 1,015,165 P2P File Sharing
419, bad, company, free, furniture, googling, home, key, laptop, lost, make, offer, phone, player, screen, security, share, slow, windows, xbox Widows update
14-January-2014 18:00
by gem Go to last post
19 8,556 General Software
bad, battery, bt, car, christmas, computer, connection, dead, forward, happy, home, internet, make, settings, shopping, slow, vision, xmas What's (not) Bugging You?
04-January-2014 16:59
by silhouette Go to last post
36 11,591 General Chatty Stuff
adsl, bad, broadband, bt, cable, car, company, digital, home, internet, line, make, modem, network, online, public, slow, speed, speeds General Public See More Need for High Speed Internet than Conventional Infrastructure
02-January-2014 21:45
by andrew Go to last post
5 31,632 News
broadband, bt, cable, christmas, company, connection, delay, email, hotmail, internet, key, line, lost, network, ofcom, phone, product, public, shop, sky, slow, speeds, virgin, windows Virgin Broadband Receives Fewest Complaints
01-January-2014 06:31
by Worldlife Go to last post
10 8,363 Virgin Media
adsl, adsl2, aol, bad, belkin, broadband, christmas, compare, connection, free, internet, lights, line, online, router, slow, speed, speeds, speedtouch, talktalk, xmas AOL 'Up to 24Mbps Speed Broadband Boost'
30-December-2013 04:02
by cgreen Go to last post
2 9,001 News
cloud, computer, firmware, free, google, home, internet, lost, mobile, phone, screen, settings, slow, software, talk Help needed re: mobile contacts sync
28-December-2013 02:42
by andrew Go to last post
5 4,349 General Internet Questions
facebook, hijack, hijackthis, internet, isp, laptop, security, slow, speeds, virus, windows IE Why?
15-July-2013 09:11
by Twinkle Go to last post
14 7,378 General Internet Questions
aol, bad, broadband, bt, bt home hub, cable, cancellation, compare, computer, connection, google, home, home hub, hub, internet, isp, laptop, line, make, master socket, modem, network, phone, port, rates, router, sky, slow, speed, speeds, speedtester, talk, virus, web, wireless BT HOME HUB - Shows fast connection but intenet is slow
09-July-2013 19:54
by seront Go to last post
29 58,793 Broadband Internet Access
abroad, birthday, delay, happy, home, laptop, make, slow, tools Happy Birthday Twinkle.
20-May-2013 10:59
by Twinkle Go to last post
19 5,991 General Chatty Stuff
adsl, broadband, bt, company, dvd, home, internet, line, lost, mail, network, phone, player, public, sky, slow, speed, speeds, vision, wireless Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users
10-March-2013 17:53
by Stalybridgelass Go to last post
4 11,839 Broadband Internet Access
files, lag, make, slow, speed 14kbs downloads, but normal up/download test, 5mbs
02-February-2013 12:07
by gdemonax Go to last post
0 6,225 Broadband Internet Access
bbc, broadband, bt, cable, flash, furniture, home, internet, isp, make, mobile, offer, phone, public, share, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talktalk, virgin, wi-fi UK broadband aided by planning permission rule changes
13-January-2013 03:19
by greatlover Go to last post
12 11,074 News
christmas, make, slow Can't cook - need to
13-January-2013 03:02
by greatlover Go to last post
3 3,132 General Chatty Stuff
audio, computer, dvd, free, home, player, screen, slow, software, windows Windows 7 pro
09-January-2013 00:51
by silver Go to last post
2 9,517 PC Security
broadband, bt, cable, company, connection, credit, line, slow, speed, speeds, tools 4 Attachment(s) So what's the problem???
05-January-2013 16:41
by Scoobs Go to last post
3 7,230 Broadband Internet Access
adsl, adsl2, bbc, broadband, bt, cable, company, connection, google, handset, happy, home, internet, isp, line, make, master socket, netgear, network, online, orange, phone, router, settings, slow, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, virgin, windows Slow TalkTalk Speeds :(
27-December-2012 18:03
by gem Go to last post
25 32,116 TalkTalk
03-December-2012 14:38
by amzee98 Go to last post
29 59,407 TalkTalk
home, oap, slow A different age
16-November-2012 22:19
by greatlover Go to last post
0 2,664 General Chatty Stuff
happiness, happy, home, make, slow, zone Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation
15-November-2012 02:27
by greatlover Go to last post
6 3,113 General Chatty Stuff
slow, speedy JohnnyReb51
11-November-2012 21:33
by Behemoth Go to last post
11 3,078 General Chatty Stuff
email, line, online, slow To whom it may concern
09-August-2012 12:16
by dazzammm Go to last post
6 4,138 General Chatty Stuff
bad, bbc, car, cards, chips, dead, deals, forward, free, google, happy, health, home, key, law, line, lost, make, music, product, sharing, slow, talk, tesco, weight loss Atkin's Diet
09-August-2012 10:43
by Dominik Go to last post
113 18,481 General Chatty Stuff
dead, digital, files, free, happy, home, intel, internet, laptop, lock, opinion, reviews, screen, shop, slow, software, unlock, windows Windows 7 "PRO" 64 bit - or not?
11-June-2012 20:55
by malicean Go to last post
13 10,140 General Software
broadband, phone, registration, slow, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali Talktalk will not let Tiscali members can not sign in to talktalk members
03-June-2012 16:40
by while Go to last post
6 9,914 Tiscali
2wire, bad, broadband, bt2700hgv, cable, computer, dead, dns, feature, files, firmware, flash, free, hgv, home, internet, isp, lights, lock, make, modem, phone, product, router, screen, settings, slow, unlock, web, wireless, zone Unlocking a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G modem
23-March-2012 04:07
by patioheater Go to last post
88 153,041 ADSL Router Mods

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