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access, bad, broadband, compare, computer, cool, customer, dead, email, free, home, i5 processor, laptop, mobile, music, product, screen, share, slow, software, support, web, windows Is 2014 the Year that the Desktop PC Will Die?
14-September-2016 10:27
by asthasingh21 Go to last post
15 22,441 News
dead, facebook, forward, key, line, make, online, sound, talk So Quiet?
30-August-2016 03:38
by peert79 Go to last post
11 12,309 Site Discussion
123, 88066, birthday, cancellation, car, dead, email, forward, free, happiness, happy, health, key, line, lost, make, mobile, offer, online, phone, public, sharing, slow, talk, web Triple/quadruple heart bypass advice
28-October-2015 11:37
by screamteamtony Go to last post
159 85,780 Expostulation Plaza
bad, brightbox, connection, dead, delay, dhcp, hack, hacking, key, line, manufacturer, marker, nat, network, poll, router, tools, wireless [NEW] EE Bright Box 2 hacking
15-May-2015 00:50
by Scottishchris Go to last post
2 10,407 Hardware
abroad, bbc, broadband, connection, dead, dns, free, google, home, internet, laptop, line, make, mobile, offer, online, phone, player, port, settings, slow, speed, speeds, web, windows, wireless Watching BBC Iplayer Abroad
13-December-2014 11:27
by ab1 Go to last post
26 79,591 General Internet Questions
battery, bt, cool, dead, deals, fake, fashion, free, happy, health, home, internet, law, lights, line, lost, make, public, security, share, shop, sound, survey, talk, tools Random Thoughts or Things That Seem Too Pointless to Post Elsewhere
27-October-2014 20:17
by Worldlife Go to last post
184 50,887 General Chatty Stuff
12-August-2014 19:19
by andy_from_ireland Go to last post
0 6,848 ADSL Router Mods
bad, car, christmas, company, connection, dead, forward, google, happy, health, home, key, law, line, liverpool, lost, mail, make, opinion, police, product, public, rates, sound, speed, speeds, talk, virgin Did we crucify the true "Messiah" ?
07-April-2014 21:30
by elliot Go to last post
482 99,024 Expostulation Plaza
adapter, bbc, car, computer, dead, files, forward, free, happy, home, internet, line, network, online, slow, windows Do You Remember the First Time You Used a Computer or the Internet?
01-March-2014 13:03
by Behemoth Go to last post
16 7,883 General Chatty Stuff
419, bad, car, crack, dead, france, free, happy, health, home, law, line, make, mobile, network, offer, opinion, phone, police, public, share, speed, speeding, talk, zero Drugs
13-January-2014 13:47
by jenonnet Go to last post
39 11,756 General Chatty Stuff
bad, battery, bt, car, christmas, computer, connection, dead, forward, happy, home, internet, make, settings, shopping, slow, vision, xmas What's (not) Bugging You?
04-January-2014 16:59
by silhouette Go to last post
36 12,210 General Chatty Stuff
crack, dead, hacked, hotmail, make, nsa, security, twitter Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Skype's Twitter Account and Blog
03-January-2014 02:54
by andrew Go to last post
0 57,177 News
dead, files, google, internet, make, settings, web, windows I.e
16-December-2013 00:31
by andrew Go to last post
19 5,148 General Internet Questions
dead, happy, internet, network, port, security, share Sad, but thanks to all
11-December-2013 00:40
by jenonnet Go to last post
7 4,288 General Chatty Stuff
123, broadband, christmas, collection, computer, connection, dead, email, failure, files, free, google, home, internet, isp, line, lost, make, offer, online, phone, port, settings, speed, talk, talk talk, talktalk, web, webspace talktalk
10-September-2013 06:19
by Rojar Go to last post
68 50,359 TalkTalk
dead Six nations
28-March-2013 01:56
by greatlover Go to last post
4 2,762 General Chatty Stuff
dead, home, make Oscar Pistorias
14-March-2013 01:52
by greatlover Go to last post
6 4,019 Expostulation Plaza
aol, broadband, cards, company, computer, dead, email, failure, free, google, hacked, home, isp, line, mail, messenger, mobile, online, phone, registration, smtp, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, virgin, web Screaming.net disappeared again
11-September-2012 07:07
by ukspid Go to last post
34 18,998 TalkTalk
bad, bbc, car, cards, chips, dead, deals, forward, free, google, happy, health, home, key, law, line, lost, make, music, product, sharing, slow, talk, tesco, weight loss Atkin's Diet
09-August-2012 10:43
by Dominik Go to last post
113 18,879 General Chatty Stuff
dead, digital, files, free, happy, home, intel, internet, laptop, lock, opinion, reviews, screen, shop, slow, software, unlock, windows Windows 7 "PRO" 64 bit - or not?
11-June-2012 20:55
by malicean Go to last post
13 10,309 General Software
dead, lag, laptop, phone, windows Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June
16-May-2012 21:45
by Behemoth Go to last post
2 5,735 General Software
2wire, bad, broadband, bt2700hgv, cable, computer, dead, dns, feature, files, firmware, flash, free, hgv, home, internet, isp, lights, lock, make, modem, phone, product, router, screen, settings, slow, unlock, web, wireless, zone Unlocking a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G modem
23-March-2012 04:07
by patioheater Go to last post
88 154,630 ADSL Router Mods
dead, make, talk, talktalk Jesus
25-February-2012 02:47
by unlokia Go to last post
10 3,565 General Chatty Stuff
assembly, bad, dead, design, failure, free, google, happiness, happy, home, key, law, make, sound, virgin Jesus did not rise and/or descend
Don kidick
22-February-2012 14:29
by unlokia Go to last post
24 10,402 General Chatty Stuff
Thumbs down
419, bad, computer, dead, failure, files, free, google, googling, home, intel, lost, reviews, shop, software, sound, windows BIOS won't recognise hard drive
24-December-2011 21:07
by Behemoth Go to last post
12 17,557 Hardware
08-November-2011 13:22
by kerryad Go to last post
11 38,799 Hardware
07-October-2011 07:24
by BEITCERTIFIED Go to last post
11 14,604 Hardware
123, adsl, broadband, bt, company, connection, dead, deals, email, free, internet, isp, line, make, marker, music, ofcom, phone, product, public, sky, sound, tags, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, tiscali broadband, web Cannot get the Tiscali tag removed from my phone line
29-September-2011 09:31
by silver Go to last post
14 17,441 Tiscali
bt, computer, connection, dead, design, fake, free, home, line, online, phone, police, product, scam, software, virus, windows Strange Phone Call
27-September-2011 11:34
by Prospero Go to last post
13 12,162 PC Security
broadband, company, connection, dead, email, forward, free, happy, home, internet, line, make, offer, phone, talk, talktalk TalkTalk's total incompetence;
26-September-2011 15:23
by Lottie Watershed Go to last post
3 7,084 TalkTalk
dead It's dead
Don kidick
18-September-2011 12:10
by Ray2 Go to last post
1 2,867 General Chatty Stuff
battery, car, christmas, dead, key, lights, make, sound Please help!
06-May-2011 22:51
by Doggy Doo Go to last post
4 3,684 General Chatty Stuff
bad, cable, christmas, company, computer, dating, dead, digital, email, facebook, feature, flash, free, google, gorgeous, happy, internet, key, line, lost, mail, make, network, online, software, talk, zero Members that we don't see anymore
14-April-2011 03:08
by Tia Go to last post
135 33,310 General Chatty Stuff
bad, battery, dead, flash, line, slow, web, windows, zero acer one zg5 with ssd drive problem
22-February-2011 01:14
by silver Go to last post
8 9,245 Hardware
broadband, bt, bt home hub, cable, car, christmas, compare, connection, dead, email, files, firmware, flash, forward, hack, hacking, happy, home, home hub, hub, intel, key, laptop, lock, make, offer, port, security, software, thomson, unlock, voip, web 1 Attachment(s) Hacking the (allegedly) Unhackable. BT HomeHub 2.0A UNLOCKED.
30-January-2011 09:47
by Scoobs Go to last post
66 103,094 ADSL Router Mods
bad, broadband, bt, cable, company, connection, dead, email, failure, free, home, internet, isp, law, line, lost, make, modem, network, ofcom, phone, product, router, share, speeds, talk, tiscali, wireless, zero Broadband Radio Interference Problem
08-January-2011 14:41
by bobclive Go to last post
20 22,121 Broadband Internet Access
aol, bad, blocking, broadband, bt, cancellation, company, connection, credit, dead, email, files, free, happy, internet, line, mail, make, netgear, online, orange, phone, router, sound, speed, speedtouch, talktalk, web Mailing Address please for AOL HQ in UK
06-January-2011 18:46
by Raspberries Go to last post
24 34,009 AOL
broadband, bt, cable, company, computer, dead, forward, free, home, internet, key, line, make, mobile, modem, network, no bt, online, opt out, orange, phone, port, speed, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, virgin, wireless Getting broadband access WITHOUT a BT line?
30-December-2010 23:08
by sortemout Go to last post
36 90,424 Broadband Internet Access
bad, broadband, bt, cancellation, christmas, company, connection, dead, email, free, happy, health, home, internet, line, lost, mobile, ofcom, offer, online, phone, rates, router, sky, speed, speeds, talk, talk talk, talktalk, tiscali, virgin TalkTalk appalling service
21-November-2010 13:37
by Squeakal Go to last post
46 50,494 TalkTalk
adsl, broadband, bt, cable, cancellation, christmas, collection, company, dead, eclipse, email, forward, free, google, home, internet, key, line, mail, make, offer, phone, screen, talk, talktalk, tiscali, tiscali broadband, volume, zero Trying to leave Tiscali - another one to add to the list
03-November-2010 21:49
by Andy Carey Go to last post
41 28,700 Tiscali

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