Silver`s TS Page



I've helped out on TS! since pretty close to the beginning, most of the peeps I know online these days I've met through the site, it's become an online home and often I use the forums as a place to keep links and information so I can easily find it.



I am very lucky in that generally I enjoy what I do for a living. Over the years spent time srchitecting systems with millions of lines of code to writing shell scripts for quick and dirty hacks.

I left school at 16 about 15 years ago (work that out) and did an apprenticeship in software engineering, I wouldn't recommend anyone to do the same as typically you'd be better off with a degree but it kept me off the streets and I couldn't have faced 6 more years of skool. My background is really C++ on Unix type systems and I wouldn't wish coding windows boxes on my worse enemy (ok perhaps I might!).

These days I work freelance and prefer to spend as little time working as I can get away with, I work from home 99% of the time which is a mixed blessing, it's all too easy to put off stuff that needs to be finished!



I've worked on a few different websites over the years, a couple that I have some involvment in are listed here: