IE Registry Tweaks

The purpose of this tweak is to speed up your browser,
you should find that after performing the tweak, web pages will appear
in a fraction of the time that they used to. Modems and ISDN lines will
see the most dramatic speed increase, but ADSL and cable users will
also see a marked improvement.

How does it work?

Internet Explorer 4, 5 & 6 have been designed to
comply with Hypertext Protocol 1.1. This dictates that a web browser
should draw no more than two stream of data at any one time. However,
your browser is capable of getting many more times that, and so if you
were to increase the number of streams that it is looking for, you will
vastly speed up the whole process.

Back up the registry

The first thing that you should do before attempting
this tweak is to back-up your registry, this will avoid any major
foul-ups (nothing should go wrong, but just in case):

1. Click Start, then click Run. The Run
dialog box appears.

2. Type regedit and click OK. The
Registry Editor opens.

3. Click the Registry menu and click Export Registry File.

4. Verify the following items in the Export Registry :

File dialog box:

Save in: Desktop
File name: Registry Backup
Save as type: Registration Files
Export range: All

5. Click Save.

6. Exit the Registry Editor.

7. Verify that an icon labeled "Registry Backup.reg"
is on the desktop.

CAUTION: Do not double-click the "Registry
Backup.reg" file on the desktop unless you intend to undo the changes
you are making to the registry.

So let's start shall we?

1. First of all we need to open up the Registry Editing
tool called REGEDIT. You should find this tool with all
versions of Windows, including NT and 2000. Start by selecting RUN
from the START MENU and typing regedit.

Start.. Run

Run Regedit

2. We now need to navigate to the correct point by opening the following sequence of folders :


You should now have a screen that resembles the
following :

regedit window

3. Look in the right-hand window and see if you can see
two strings named :


If you can see these strings, then right click on the
MaxConnectionsPerServer and select Modify. Edit the value to
Decimal 6 and then change the MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server string to
Decimal 8.

If the strings don't exist in the right-hand window,
then they will need to be added manually. Follow the procedure below,
and then come back to recap on how you change the value.

To add the registry keys, right click in the white space
on the right-hand window in the Internet Settings directory.

Select New DWORD Value.
Enter MaxConnectionsPerServer as the string name, hit return
and then repeat the procedure, this time entering MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server

as the string name.
Now go back to the section that explains how to modify the values of
these strings and do so.

Once you have done all as detailed above, close down
Regedit. There is no need to reboot the PC, the improvement should be
instantly noticeable.


This guide ©2001

for The Scream!