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 ISP Websites

Net 4 Nowt A good site with large selection of un-metered ISP resources
ISP Review A site with the latest ISP News and Reviews
ADSLGuide A good UK ADSL information resource
The Register Read the latest online news here!

 Campaign Websites

BT Suck Consumer views on British Telecom's services
Bullshit Broadband Bulldog Broadband, the full picture, for customers old and new
broadband4blackpool Raising awareness of adsl broadband
Lets's Fix Britain To make Britain better - by motivating and guiding ordinary people to make a positive contribution.

 Mailing Lists

TS! Newsletters The Scream!'s own newsletter, keep up-to-date on the 'ISP Scene'.
Link takes you to our archive. Subscribe from there!

 Technical Sites

Broadband Speed Test Test your online speed
DSL Reports Broadband Tests and Tools
Shields Up! Shields Up! - Test your computer to see if it is secure against hackers
Tweakfiles Lots of tools and tweaks
Free Web Ware Loads of free tools
PC Review A friendly community who provide technical help to computer
users in the UK

 Photography Sites

Shutter School User forum with hints and tips

 Web Design Hints and Tips

Lissa Explains HTML and javascript well explained and put simply
Doug Jacobson's colour table HTML colour charts

 Online Antivirus Scanners

Panda Active Scan

Free online antivirus scan

Norton Security Check Security and Virus scan
Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
Trend Housecall Trend Micro's free online virus scanner

 Adware / Spyware

Spybot Application to scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software.
Adware Lavasoft takes the fight against Spyware to the next level.

Hijack This
A general homepage hijackers detector and remover.
HijackThis log file analysis HijackThis log file analysis *Use results with caution*
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware(Beta) Still In Beta But its Very good.
Remove Solid peer Guide to uninstalling solid peer pop up software.


Ofcom Office Of Communications

Ofcom is the regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio,
telecommunications and wireless communications services.
ICSTIS website ICSTIS, the Independent Committee for the Supervision of
Standards of Telephone Information Services, is the industry-funded regulatory
body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services.

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