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The Scream! has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy for our users.


There are various opt-in email lists we host as well as the email address you give when you sign up for the forum. We are totally against all forms of spam and UCE and will never give your email address to 3rd parties.

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Link to Us

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Whether it's simple text or flashy graphics, you'll find any number of ways you can link to this site...

Text Links

All you need to do is choose the text link you like from the selection below, then cut and paste the appropriate HTML code into your own site. Alternatively, feel free to make up your own description!

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  • Johnnyreb51's TS Page 
  • Onslo's TS Page 
  • Scoob's TS Page 
  • Silver's TS! Page 


  • Birgit (Webmistress)
  •  (Co-Founder)
  •  (Ex-Administrator)
  • Bill (Ex-PR)
  • Ann (Ex-TS!Team)
  • Louise (Ex-Administrator)
  • MickUK (Ex-Forum Administrator)

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For general enquiries please email us at

To contact individual team members, please see our team pages.

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Localtel introduced its service in April 1999, offering customers free unmetered Internet access providing they transferred their telephone account over to Localtel. What seemed like a good idea at the time, soon turned into a nightmare for thousands of customers. Access to Screaming.net was virtually impossible, bills were often incorrect, money was debited from peoples accounts that they did not owe and people spent many hours listening to the engaged tone, whilst trying to get through to Localtel's customer service department. People felt helpless and frustrated at Localtel's apparent lack of consideration and concern for the problems they were causing their customers.

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About The Scream!

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Long before AOL, Freeserve and BT were offering unmetered access in the UK, Localtel (now known as World Online) went out on a limb and set up a deal that many Internet users just could not resist. Off peak unmetered Internet access was finally introduced to the UK, but things did not always go to plan and thousands of customers were left frustrated and disappointed with the service they were receiving. People decided to make a stand and The Scream! was born in July 1999.

The long term aims of the site were to provide extensive help, links and resources for Internet users with an emphasis on unmetered ISPs and ADSL providers. Now in its third year, The Scream! continues to provide up to the minute information for its users on all aspects of the ISP industry in the UK.

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